Privacy and Security Policy

Financial records :
We can keep information like your name, email address, phone number, and company name for our financial records as sometimes Government Authority can ask us to show the records of their customer/users from where we are getting the business. We never give the information of our customers to any government authorities and we have to show them the proof in the presence of senior management/accountant.

Promotion campaigns :
MySocialMania may contact you by using your personal information to send a message/email about our discount opportunities on the services you might be interested in.

Errors in services :
If any problem occurs with our services, in this case, you can use your email and phone number to inform us about it. We will take appropriate action to solve your problem as soon as we receive your information.  
You can write us an email: or contact us  +91 89295 26145

Partnership :
There is the possibility that we can share your communication data for statistics and surveys in order to develop a better business plan for you so that we promote your business on different social media platforms. We can share our digital data with our co-partners to built new strategy which can be beneficial for customer/users.

We might keep our customer information, however, the data cannot share with third-party organizations. Classified information of our clients is in our protection and secure, and if a third-party agency or company would be able to reach this information, we will take responsibility for this act.

Payment and Security

MySocialMania customers can use different types of method likes money transfer, debit /credit cards to make the payment. All the card information is secured and safe with SSL and 3D secure systems.

  •  Money transfer: While placing the order and during the payment process, customers can make a money transfer to MySocialMania company’s bank accounts. International customers can use the international banking system or online third party websites likes (Paypal, stripe, Razorpay, western union )
  • Credit card : Our payment system accepts all types of  VISA and Mastercard credit cards. Customer/users credit card information stays unreachable and secure from our employees and customer services. Credit card information is under-protected by an SSL security system.

Use of Cookies

The cookies are small text files and it’s  surveillance visitors’ behaviors like a username and password. The cookies  are used to identify your computer as you use a computer network and these cookies are  known as HTTP cookies are used to identify specific users and improve your web browsing experience for particular customer. We recommend visitor should allow cookies to get better services and improve your web browsing experience.

Most of the time cookies allow the owners to see how many visitors are on the page on a specific time and what types of services customer is looking for and where and which reference he came from likes Bing, Google, and other search engine websites/URL.  

Email Security

We always recommend and inform that customers should not share their personal information and credit card details via email/what’s app. MySocialMania executives never ask you for any personal information. We always protect the customer’s email address according to our company privacy policy.

Exceptional conditions

The MySocialMania reserves to make the changes to its privacy policy according to following reasons.

  • If governmental authorizations want customer information to verify the details.
  • The company can share customer information with government authorities in case of any lawful activities.
  • Company may share the details with bank in case of any payment related confirmation and in a necessary situations for customer security